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We are a leading classical distributor in Europe for high-quality electronic components and related services.

As a company now in its 3rd generation of family ownership, we have been offering our customers the whole world of electronics since 1954. From prototype to series production, including maintenance, repair and operation. We exclusively carry products from over 500 well-known manufacturers in high quality. And we are proud of that.
We think and act digitally, always according to the principles of the honorable businessman. With us, the customer is always at the center. First-class customer service and a strong awareness of quality are always our priority. We rely on openness and transparency in our dealings with each other. We keep our promises. We want to inspire. We have the absolute will to develop further, work hard on ourselves, continuously improve, remain innovative and always have the goal and solution in mind. All with the aim of making it as easy as possible for our customers to buy the products they want.
Our vision “Everyone can experience all electronics with just one click” is not lip service but our claim.
And we work on it every day!



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