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We at flowDOCS Software GmbH automate your business processes inside SAP. In doing so, we have set ourselves the goal of automating and maximally accelerating your manual processes with regard to document processing.

Whether it is the automation of incoming invoices, order confirmations, customer orders, offer checks, reminders or payment notifications – we provide you with a digital solution suite for efficient processes directly in SAP. Our flowDOCS LINES support all common document types and input formats, such as e-mail, EDI or traditional post.

In order to map your purchase-to-pay processes digitally and with maximum transparency, we offer you a solution suite for end-to-end processing with our p2pLINE – completely without media breaks. From purchasing to payment – we ensure the digital continuity of your processes directly in SAP.

Your order-to-cash processes are also comprehensively automated with our o2cLINE. Manual activities in the area of order processing are minimised thanks to intelligent document recognition and integrated workflows. In this way, we ensure efficient processes from the customer order to the settlement of the outstanding receivable – without a third-party system, without interfaces and directly integrated into SAP.

Of course, our solutions are SAP-certified and S/4HANA-compatible – for your automated and future-proof business processes.



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