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LIFTKON GmbH is a start-up company from Ebersbach/Fils, which has been presenting itself on the market as a system supplier for electronic rope balancers for the first time since February 2019.
The company focuses on lifting and lowering, but also gladly advises in the selection of appropriate handling devices. Managing Director Stefan Hafner and his team bring a lot of experience in handling technology. Team LIFTKON takes a completely new look at handling technology and presents the newly developed electronic rope balancer WIZARD for this purpose – the magician who combines the best of technology and omits all insignificant things. With good ideas, LIFTKON redefines handling technology and assures that WIZARD, with its “magical” technology, makes work processes faster and more efficient and thus putting a smile on the face of its customers. Probably the same smile that you see on the faces of the LIFTKON team…


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