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For more than 20 years, our Team has specialized in offering our customers solutions for the use of mechanical pressure switches and sensors for numerous measured variables.
The TIVAL Sensors product program includes devices from the areas of pressure, level, temperature and flow rate detection and drive technology.

For the measurement of pressure, the TIVAL range includes robust mechanical pressure switches up to +400 bar with ATEX, GL and VdS approval. Electronic pressure measurement is offered by a large selection of pressure transmitters in different designs and with different sensor elements for a wide variety of applications. Digital contact manometers, differential pressure transmitters for gases and liquids and electronic pressure switches with display and switching output are also available.

The wide range of products for level detection starts with simple float switches and reed contact products and continues with hydrostatic level probes, vibrating level switches, guided radar and non-contact ultrasonic level monitoring.

Resistance thermometers, thermocouples and temperature sensors with measuring transducers (e.g. 4 … 20 mA) can be supplied in all commercially available, known designs and with ATEX or GL approval. Custom-made products on customer request can also be implemented.

Soft starters are available in different series from 8 A to 3500 A, depending on the application profile. DC brakes up to a motor output of 200 kW are also part of the delivery program.

Flow measurement can be implemented both with an orifice system – for small quantities, with low pressure loss and as a high temperature variant – and with calorimetric flow sensors.
In addition, Ex isolating amplifiers & Zener diodes are offered for coupling mechanical and electronic devices. Small controls, e.g. for pressure and fill level monitoring, complete the program.



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