Bondix S.A.NE WAN Aggregation


With the Bondix S.A.NE software solution network faults and downtimes are a thing of the past. The combination of LUCOM mobile routers and Bondix S.A.NE. promises maximum connectivity and security: Via WAN aggregation, all network lines are bundled into a single, highly available overall connection. This means that the router can provide uninterrupted Internet at any time and in any place. The integrated redundancy and consistently low latency guarantee users up to 100% availability and smooth operation.

The integrated solution of mobile router and bonding software is suitable for all systems and applications in which data must be transmitted reliably and without loss. These include applications in the fields of energy supply, shipping, building and construction site surveillance, as well as police, fire and rescue services. The same applies to entertainment streaming services with increased requirements. Bondix S.A.NE is scalable for any IT project and compatible with the Digicluster v3 VPN service portal. In addition to the SmartMotion models, the user module is also supported by other mobile routers from our portfolio.