Hygienic panel for food and pharmaceuticals


The visually appealing stainless steel Panel is ideally suited for use in hygienically demanding areas such as the food industry and pharmaceutical production.
In order to produce impeccable food and medication, high hygiene standards must be met GMP requirements are met. The well thought-out design without joints and edges and the use of hygienic screws make cleaning easier. The beveled, smooth surfaces and rounded edges of the Automation Hygienic Panel allow liquids to drain off unhindered and prevent dirt and bacteria from settling. Thanks to sophisticated cooling, the completely closed system works completely without fans and ventilation slots.
Due to the housing construction according to protection class IP69, no liquids or dust can penetrate the device.
The Touch Panel with hygienic design meets all the requirements of the EHEDG for more hygienic design Machines and is CE certified. All materials that can come into direct or indirect contact with the products are FDA-compliant and withstand the use of typical cleaning agents, disinfectants and high-pressure cleaners. This means that the Panels are also suitable for use in GMP-regulated areas.





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