The WAGO IoT Box is the perfect solution for connecting new and existing systems.
Integrating machines and systems into the “Internet of Things” ” is incredibly simple with WAGO’s IoT Box. The complete system is ready for immediate use and offers all the functions required for digitalization from signal acquisition to cloud connectivity. The IoT Box was designed as a plug-and-play device – no hardware engineering is needed. Collected data is transferred to the desired IoT application with just a few parameter settings. The hardware includes a controller with its own communication interface, I/O modules with analog and digital inputs/outputs, a 3-phase power measurement module and a 24 V power supply unit.
Depending on the application, additional I/O modules can be added later to adapt the system to specific requirements. Additional options include a protocol gateway to various fieldbus and control protocols or the evaluation and pre-processing of data using PLC functionality and/or applications under Linux®, including Docker.