LANG cross tables – GT series


From low cost to high end cross tables LANG offers a huge spectrum of cross tables for different application areas in different price categories. LANG offers different drive systems. As drive systems smoothed or rolled ball screw drives, lead screws, belt drives or linear motors are used.
Cross tables are used where probes have to be analized, e.g. wafer inspection, microscopy as well as imaging systems. One big adavantage is the easy integration into own systems. LANG cross tables are driven by high classs stepper motors.

The cross-tables in the GT series are consistently geared to highest precision standards enhanced by pronounced rigidity. The comparator-adapted arrangement of the high-resolution measuring systems and the prestressed, backlash-free ballscrews between the junction roller guides combine to reduce positioning errors to a minimum. The extra rigid monolithic construction ensures outstanding reproducibility. On account of this compact design, which rules out risks of crushing while facilitating cable layout towards one side, the tables in the GT series are particularly suitable for open systems imposing exacting demands on operational and positioning accuracy.





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