OCS 150 System


The OCS 150 overhead conveyor manages loads up to 150kg/m. The drive speed can be varied from 1 to 80m/min and it has driven curves from 5° to 90°. The system is capable of transporting up to a 30° angle increase depending on load weight. The drive mechanism consists of a friction belt driven by a worm gearmotor.

Different sections of the system can run at different speeds, as well as backwards and forwards. Drive units can be equipped with frequency converters which provide a very smooth start and stop motion in individual positions.

The product carrier is developed and adapted based on needs, requirements through careful analysis. Designed to handle many different parts. Adjustable work height and rotation can be integrated as required.

OCS transport solutions offer more features than traditional Power & Free systems and similar features as in EMS electric Monorail systems, but at a lower cost. The technology is efficient and simple, because the system is very reliable and maintenance costs are low.





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