Robot Based Vision System KITOV One


KITOV One is the first smart vision system that automatically can inspect any product from all sides without installing or re-assembling multiple cameras and lighting modules for different products.

Its technology is based on the latest robotics and image analysis algorithms. With its camera head mounted on a robot arm, it can inspect an almost unlimited number of different inspection features from countless positions and angles, thus replacing several cameras from conventional camera inspection systems. Multiple recordings of test features from different angles and with different lighting scenarios are also possible. The camera head is equipped with 5 freely combinable LED light sources. In this way also such defects can be detected that are only visible from certain angles and with a very specific lighting. A conventional camera system would not find such defects or would only find them sometimes.

Test plans are created using an intuitive graphical user interface. No knowledge of robotics is required. Travel paths of the robot arm do not have to be programmed. The system supports the learning process with many automatic functions and also learns continuously with the help of “deep learning” and neural networks, so that the test routines are continuously optimized. In this way, the false call rate is successively reduced to a negligible minimum.

All test results are consistently documented and saved so that the system enables traceable, uniform and person-independent quality control.

KITOV ONE can be integrated into existing lines. Various versions with conveyor and lifting/turntable are available for this purpose. Loading and unloading with the help of additional robots is also possible.