Robot system HORST900


The industrial robot HORST900 is characterized by its hybrid kinematics based on multiple four-bar linkages. The advantages from which you can benefit include great mobility and an optimum ratio of range and payload.
The robot system HORST900 consists of the 6-axis industrial robot HORST900, the switch cabinet horstCONTROL, including complete safety control, the robot control panel horstPANEL and the updateable software horstFX.
HORST900 is very powerful. He lifts loads up to 5 kg with a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm. Due to its four-bar linkages, the industrial robot achieves a maximum range of over 900 mm. HORST900 offers you the possibility for a simple and inexpensive automation. Whether fitting, assembling, screwing, palletizing, stacking, and packaging, measuring, gaging or contact-free testing – HORST900 is an expert for every application. With its intuitive operation and uncomplicated connection to external machines, the industrial robot convinces users in all industries.
Our robot systems are produced and sold in Germany. This means for you: highest quality, short delivery times and quick response in case of any service. Furthermore, we can offer you a unique cost-benefit ratio due to our innovative technologies.
– Applicable in nearly all industrial sectors
– Easy operation
– Attractive cost-benefit ratio
– Developed, produced and sold in Germany





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