Spectra PowerBox 500



Machine vision, which includes applications such as automatic optical inspection or sorting as well as camera-controlled robotics or autonomous driving, requires high-performance computers that have been specially developed for high-speed optical detection and analysis on site.
Especially for this complex task we present our embedded computer series Spectra PowerBox 500. These powerful computers have an extremely compact case with dimensions of 260 x 200 x 85 mm. They are extremely scalable – the integrated Intel C246 chipset supports more than 20 Intel processors from the 8th and 9th generation ranging from Celeron® to Xeon®.
The excellent graphics performance is based on one hand on the integrated graphics controller on the chip (processor-dependent). And on the other hand, the MXM interface enables an additional GPU expansion, which supports graphics cards of the NVDIA Quadro RTX 3000 series with 2,304 CUDA cores and 288 Tensor cores in the maximum expansion stage.
The required storage capacity can be realized by two 2.5″ SATA drives and can be expanded by several mSATA and NVME SSD slots.
Our highly effective cooling concept enables fanless operations. We have realized this by using additional copper heatpipes inside the aluminum case for even better heat dissipation and by using thermal separation of CPU and GPU. In case of a maximum expansion level of the used processor and GPU module you can easily connect an external cooling system.
You can expand the Spectra PowerBox 500 with 10GLAN, LAN and PoE as well as digital I/O or serial interfaces in a modular fashion. An optional Ignition Control function is also available for applications in vehicles.
The cable and jumperless design, integrated anti-vibration features and the wide 9-48VDC input voltage range support applications under harsh environmental conditions.





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