Xi 410


Compact spot finder IR camera Xi 410

The new compact infrared camera optris Xi 410 combines all the benefits of infrared cameras and infrared thermometers.

The Xi 410 has a fast Ethernet interface and can be powered by PoE. This allows for a simple installation, even if the distance from the PC is large. The built-in hot spot finder function can be used to reliably measure moving objects without having to reposition the camera. If the network connection is interrupted or if the connected PC has a problem, the camera immediatley switches to the autonomous stand-alone mode which ensures a continuous measurement and alarm. Thus the reliability of problem detection (typically exceeding a threshold in the context of monitoring a fire outbreak) is maintained. Thanks to this unique feature, the Xi 410 is ideal for all safety applications related to fire prevention, detection of critical hot spots, monitoring of industrial equipment and storage of all kinds.

The Xi 410 incorporates a motorized remote focus, controlled by the free PIX Connect software. The resolution of the camera is 384 x 240 pixels with a frame rate of 25 Hz.





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