HUGRO-Armaturen GmbH

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HUGRO was established in Waldkirch in the Black Forest as a Swiss-German company. For over 60 years now, HUGRO has been manufacturing and marketing a wide range of high quality products (cable glands and conduits) all over the world, supplying its customers with all the relevant accessories as well.
Moving with the times, HUGRO´s latest range includes a new product line fearturing plastic enclosures as well as special housing designs. Since 2013 HUGRO has extended this product line with stainless steel terminal boxes as well as wall and stand enclosures – especially in the custom area!
Proximity to its customers is vital to HUGRO´s success as a brand. Apart from its extensive serial production, HUGRO offers personalized services fully geared towardsthe individual needs of each customer. And that explain HUGRO´s unique position today as a system manufacturer.




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